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authorVasudev Kamath <>2019-02-16 19:43:15 +0530
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Upgrade to Pelican 4 s/{filename}/{static}/
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diff --git a/content/development/comressed_response.rst b/content/development/comressed_response.rst
index 243758f..0966019 100644
--- a/content/development/comressed_response.rst
+++ b/content/development/comressed_response.rst
@@ -53,14 +53,14 @@ iceweasel to observe the network traffic. And below is what I observed
in firebug network console!.
-.. image:: {filename}/images/no-response-css.png
+.. image:: {static}/images/no-response-css.png
:alt: No response headers
:align: center
So you can see no response header in the above image but there is a
response and below how is response content visible on firebug.
-.. image:: {filename}/images/response-content.png
+.. image:: {static}/images/response-content.png
:alt: gzipped response
:align: center
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ behavior depends on internal implementation of **mod_uwsgi** and
request response in **Firebug** network console and below is what I
-.. image:: {filename}/images/response-content-uwsgi-proxy.png
+.. image:: {static}/images/response-content-uwsgi-proxy.png
:alt: Response with mod_proxy_uwsgi
:align: center
diff --git a/content/misc/weird_html_encoding_issue.rst b/content/misc/weird_html_encoding_issue.rst
index 9c5378e..d65f76c 100644
--- a/content/misc/weird_html_encoding_issue.rst
+++ b/content/misc/weird_html_encoding_issue.rst
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ mail I sent earlier in gmail inbox and clicked on attachment and when browser
opened the attachment I was shocked/surprised . Did you ask why?. See what I saw
when I opened attachment.
-.. image:: {filename}/images/converted_html.png
+.. image:: {static}/images/converted_html.png
Well I was confused for moment on what happened, I tried downloading the file
and opened it an editor, and I see Chinese characters here also. After reaching
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ opened the same file.
Below is the small gif showing this happening in real time, see what happens in
emacs buffer when I change the encoding in terminal below. Fun right?.
-.. image:: {filename}/images/html_weirdness.gif
+.. image:: {static}/images/html_weirdness.gif
I made following observation from above experiments.