AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-07Move to bbdb3 bbdb does not build properly for DebianHEADmasterVasudev Kamath
2018-05-19Fix query for notmuch as per new afew configuration.Vasudev Kamath
2017-10-03Auto load bbdb in funcs.elVasudev Kamath
2017-10-03Adjust some saved searches.Vasudev Kamath
2017-10-03Drop bbdb from melpa seems to be brokenVasudev Kamath
2017-10-03Add license to Kamath
2017-10-03Add README.mdVasudev Kamath
2017-10-03Inital commit of notmuch configuration for spacemacsVasudev Kamath
2017-10-03Initial commitVasudev Kamath